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When it comes to shelf candy, the Rhino-Fire is one of the best Nerf guns out there. It's a decent enough looker to keep out on show.

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The latest adaptation of their projectiles come in the form of these spherical numbers for the new range of fully-automatic blasters in the Rival range. At first glance the colours and design of this new range point at a more grown-up approach and with a travel time of over 60 mph these balls mean business. Distance-wise, ft every time.

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The standard blaster comes with a 12 ball barrel, you can, and should buy both extra barrels and plenty of extra balls. In addition to exceptional accuracy in battle shape of the ammo lets you mess about with trick shots against walls and ceilings to reach your target. The latest arrival on the Nerf scene is an extension to the Modulus category. Multiple tactical rails and accessory sets you can mix and match these blasters into over 1, different combinations. This model is able to blast regular Nerf projectiles plus the MEGA ones and also the missile variant, which, with some practice can travel around 30 feet — And your intended target will feel it.

Released about the same time as series two of the Walking Dead, just before its started to get really dull, yes, just then, the Zombie range of blasters was largely average — with this Nerf gun, the Slingfire, a standout success. It may only have a six-dart capacity magazine but it it the way you flick down the lever to load up your air power that impresses.

A modicum of practice and you'll be able to perform this one-handed, and then for hours you'll be doing little else. It is easy to arm up the air chamber at the rear in super-quick succession on the Strongarm, an often overlooked Nerf gun. This is a superb six-dart shooter that is about one of the best in the manual line-up and unleashes with excellent accuracy and achieves impressive distances.

An absolute must have in any Nerf arsenal as a back-up blaster for cover. There are also tactical rails atop this one should you decide to accessories with other elements. This deceptive single-shot, manual-powered blaster is one that you really shouldn't travel anywhere without.

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A superb quick-fix for when you eye a target on your daily grind for a pot shot and one that can be secreted about your person easily when your opponents are acquiring your arsenal, your last-chance-at-the-saloon-shooter. For a blaster that punches above its weight for both distance and power this one is unsurpassed. The Super Soaker Nerf gun range isn't the most wallet friendly range around, but, for H20 delivery toward target and with pressure unbranded units just won't do.

Pump up for action, a steady stream of ammo is delivered but a major surprise for retaliators returning with you back to base for a refill.

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This one connects up to the hose for unlimited ammo, also a fun way to water the plants. You'll have seen those manual tennis ball flinging things in the park, some say a lazy way to exercise your pooch, we disagree, this is much lazier. A spring-loaded blaster that'll send your sphere distances approaching 50 feet, much to the envy of other dog owners.

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So long as your canine is versed on the fetch and drop technique you don't even have to bend to pick up the ball, just dunk the end of the blaster over it and its done. Looking for the world's fastest manufacturer produced foam dart firing machine?

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  • Then the best Nerf gun you can buy is the Hyperfire. Unleashing five darts per second from its 25 dart chamber it'll not take any Carol Vorderman scale academics to figure out you'll be spending plenty of time on the Nerf trail picking up so ensure you've a back-up stash. The deluge of darts it rains upon your target is rapid enough to send them into a mild confusion for a while affording you some extra time to reload.

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    Reasons to avoid - Not suitable for all floor surfaces. Reasons to avoid - Slow to load. Modulus Regulator Create a bespoke blaster ahead of every assignment. Reasons to avoid - Tad pricey. Nerf Supersoaker Freezefire It might not be big but this Nerf gun will make you feel very clever. Reasons to avoid - Limited capacity tank.

    Zombie Outbreaker Bow When the walking dead do appear, wave this Nerf gun at them. Reasons to avoid - Ergonomically average. Also trigger lock and tactical rail. It has an ambidextrous magazine release and easy-load magazine. Deal of the Day Nerf: Toys & Games

    Also trigger lock and tactical rails. It comes with 24 rounds and an easy-loading round magazine. Available in red and blue colors. We will also keep an eye out for other accessories including the Nerf Rival tactical vests, pouches, refill kits, and face masks. There are still a few more weeks before stores start posting deals and discounts for Black Friday.

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