Kaiser freebies after delivery

The only complaint I had with them is how hardcore they were about pushing breastfeeding.

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I swear the nurse only wanted to talk about that or getting me to sign up for WIC we were making 75, a year, so clearly didn't need it and told her so repeatedly. I just did my best to avoid her, because the OB was fantastic and much more laid back. She probably got some perks of u signed up or something. That's annoying tho. I would have been irritated too!

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Nerdy Guest. Tax credits I believe. I kind of scratched my head a bit at it and asked the lady up at the front who said "We just want to make sure we have healthy moms and healthy babies! Yea nerdy I figured it was something like that. Juliet11 Momma to sweet twins xoxo. Joined: Jul 26, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 2. I have kaiser and they never brought up WIC. I had a c-sec there a couple years ago and it was a good experience.

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You can take home any items in the bassinet tray like thermometer and dippers etc. Hoping next week to have a vaginal delivery. Most my friends have kaiser and have had positive experiences. Just some nurses they didn't like sometimes but supposedly you can ask for for a change of nurse.

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  • Kaiser freebies after delivery?

Chilling them may provide even more relief. Sitz bath This piece of plastic sits over your toilet and allows you to soak your delivery area in warm water, causing more blood to flow there and both soothe soreness and promote healing.

Pain meds Particularly if you had a c-section or an otherwise complicated delivery. Instruction booklet No matter how many parenting books you have, the hospital booklet is always good for advice about both your recovery and your newborn.

Welcome to modern medicine. Start with an online consultation.

Nasal aspirator Moms swear by the bulb syringe they take home from the hospital. Breastfeeding supplies You might be so lucky as to leave with a hand pump of your own, as well as supplies for your own electric pump.

  • Kaiser freebies after delivery.
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LOG IN. Baby Registry. We keep them up because there are a ton of great conversations here and we believe you deserve to see them all. I would like to know also.


I have kaiser and never heard of this. Also does anyone know is kaiser covers breast pumps or assist in cost with them? I have kaiser too and was wondering about breast pumps. But really anything about the kaiser child birth experience is good :. I just assumed since they only offer the rentals in Northern California and even those are pricy. I have Kaiser in Northern CA.

You call a hotline after baby is born and you get it within 3 business days. It's the ameda electric pump. I'm doing to ask my doc about that because that would save me a lot of money. Thanks for the info!

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  • Kaiser freebies after delivery?

I don't have Kaiser but I have worked in several Kaiser hospitals in Northern California over the last few years. If the hospital is marketed as "Baby-Friendly" this is a certification they apply for then they won't give out an bags or freebies from Formula companies. Some of the hospitals do give out things like inexpensive diaper bags, but this is not the norm.

I always tell parents to take everything out of the crib when except the linens when they leave because we have to throw it out if they don't. So ask for another pack of diapers and wipes the night before you leave. My coworker is kaiser and said breast pump is covered!

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Maybe it depends on what level of insurance you have? I have Kaiser in Georgia and the breast pump us covered not rented. At baby's first appt you pick it up.