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You mean like AW is giving free stuff just for logging in, you don't even need to play to get the gift.

Thunder Run War of Clans: Claim Your Daily Promo Gifts, Bonus, Rewards. -Page 16

Not knocking them as I like that game but there is no need for that level of incentive in ships. Daily mssions, arp specials etc are adequate for this game. I remember WoT Beta where we got Gold per day. For Free. So it's not really a improvement for WT players I played when this was changed and it killed a more reliable way to get a daily advancement on a tank or plane , next to this these bonusses are mostly geared towards their equivalent of "free xp convertable for gold" currency a.

I think the game needs better daily missions with better rewards, FXP here and , silver there will make missions far more interesting. Well, I do differentiate between daily giveaways to bribe people to play, and missions that require a level of interaction with the game and a basic level of competence to complete and provide the actual player base with the opportunity to gain additional content.

Last time they did k for 30k damage in WoT, they must have ruined their income from the credit packages for a few months.

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Who cares about 50k credits in this game? It's better this way than the way WoT handled the personal missions. Throw a ton of credits at every player to make sure every tomato reaches T X. Make personal missions platoon missions. Then [edited]about that 2 month that you will never make personal missions personal, because reasons. And then chance it in a way, that platoon is still better for the missions. The economy in high tiers for non premium users is frightening, I can't play my Izumo, Zao more than few times a day.

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Because this game isn't made and published from the same people. Report post 3. Report post 4.

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  • Well the daily gifts in WT kinda sucks, so that might not be the best example. LifePoints US - Desktop.

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